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Real Estate Agencies

July 9, 2009

Sorry Martin but what is with all the Real Estate Agencies? Many people know that 7.5 million people live in London but did you know that there is one real estate agency for every 1.5 Londoners? Ok, slight exaggeration but seriously, the number of agencies on your average high street is phenomenal. In a 500m stretch of Lavender Hill, near Clapham Junction, there are 14 real estate agents!

Laurisons, Winkworth, Foxtons, Chestertons, Courtenay, Bushells, Andrews, Barnard Marcus, IMM Properties, Featherstone Leigh, Haart, Cochrane & Wilson, Barestow Eves and Woodland Payne.

Had a memorable experience with one place – Bective Lesie Marsh in Brook Green. I popped in to enquire if they represented flats for rent. A lady that resembled Meryl Streep’s character in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ said, ‘No dear….we don’t’. I felt like Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’.

For Sale Signs
Sign Wars

Not only are agencies proliferated throughout London but they also love to plant their ‘To Let’ and ‘For Sale’ signs prominently along every street. I have no problem with them advertising a vacant house or flat but when the deal is done – take the sign down! Surely, it is in their interest. The house we are living in has had a For Let sign up since we moved in….two months ago. Hardly looks good for the realtor.

My third weird observation is that many agency offices are fitted out like trendy corporate break out areas complete with comfy chairs and fridges with free soft drinks. I guess in this ever competitive world agencies need an edge over their rivals.

Now…my gift for you – The Rat and the Mouse


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