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AFL Coverage

August 4, 2009
Michael Voss cops it.

Michael Voss cops it.

Sorry Martin but the coverage of AFL in England is excellently weird.

When I departed Australia I thought it would be really hard to watch any AFL, especially my beloved Swans. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the world’s greatest game had quite a following amongst expats in London.

So I currently get my fix the following two ways:

1) The Fulham Slug – This is one of the best pubs in London to watch sport. They have a delayed broadcast of every match of every round. Annoyingly throughout the weekend they fast forward parts of the match to squeeze them into two hour blocks . The pub is also run by an Eagles fan. Cheap ‘Snake Bite’ makes up for this. Debaucherous activities occur after sundown with scantily-clad girls dancing on the bar and drunken guys talking up where they have been in Europe.

2) – Once sports Pay TV provider Setanta went bust earlier in the year, the AFL thought it would be a good idea to stream every AFL match live online to the UK, Canada and USA. As soon as I upgraded to a MacBook Pro I found the quality to be excellent – much like watching TV on Gran’s 1970’s TV with the knob that you would turn to change channels, and the button that alternated from UHF to the other one (that never had any channels on it). Alas, I digress. Annoyingly, the Swans haven’t played any night games for a while so I have to wake up super early to catch the day’s action. They also haven’t won many games and look almost certain to miss the finals. My timing to leave Australia is, therefore, well timed. I do miss the SCG though and hope to be back for the first Sydney derby (or darrrby if you didn’t attend school).

It does seem a little strange that I can travel half way around the world and get better AFL coverage than I did in Sydney. For those who have no idea what AFL is, best watch the vid below.


PS – check out my post about Wimbledon

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  1. Trish S permalink
    August 5, 2009 7:40 am

    Coverage is starting on ESPN in the UK this Friday, so I don’t know how much longer the free AFL online will last. We connected to ESPN yesterday, in time for the Cat-Blues match on Friday. Book your spot on the sofa for the Grand Final now!

    • August 20, 2009 7:33 pm

      Looks like the birth of ESPN = demise of free live AFL feeds…..definitely in for GF


  1. Wimbledon « Sorry Dad, England is Weird

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