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Give Way Road Markings

September 2, 2009

Sorry Martin, England has a strange road marking for giving way. It looks like this:


What about this arrow-like marking that says ‘give way’? Originally, I thought it was a direction of traffic arrow. As a new cyclist in London this dramatically affected my safety.

In Australia we have red and white triangle signs that look like this:

This causes little confusion for all involved.  Even people who don’t speak English might be cautions when approaching intersections with these signs around.

The British road marking almost wants to cause a disaster in spite of you not understanding it.

”You don’t understand that I’m telling you to give way?….Well then you should go straight down here…into a lane of head-on traffic.’

I googled ‘road markings uk’ and found this site very helpful.

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  1. September 11, 2009 2:37 pm

    Haha, this hit me as well when I first arrived. Wrote a very short piece on this as well ( A commentator informed me that it’s called a ‘yield arrow’.

    I still prefer to a simple left or right arrow.

    C K

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