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Expat Sat: Rob from Australia

September 5, 2009


When did you move to UK and why?

I arrived in the UK in April 2007.  The idea was to use the UK as a base to explore Europe before heading back to Oz to do a PhD.  Initially I was going to be here for a year… it’s now been almost two and a half years!  I was working in a bar in Notting Hill, got the right person drunk and landed a job I couldn’t refuse!

What was your first weird experience?

I initially kept thinking that there was something wrong with me when I came here because the first thing everyone would say is ‘You alright?’… then I found out it was a standard greeting.  It still throws me sometimes.

What do you miss the most about home?

The outdoors and the sun… god the sun!

What are some differences in the corporate/working experience?

I work for a company where we have four Brits out of 30 people in our London office.  When I first started we had one.  The number of coexisting cultures here makes everyday tasks, like work, that little bit more interesting.

How do you find the night life?

The night life in London is great!  There is always something to do.  There was always something to do in Australia too, just that it was the same thing every night….

Who are your fave English bands/writers?

Florence and the Machine, Doves, La Roux, Little Boots… and basically anything with a bit of synth at the moment.  Its an 80’s revival!

Which B grade British celebrity do you love to hate?

All of them… I don’t really make the time to keep up with the British celebs.

What do you read on the tube?

I try to avoid the tube, but if I am on the tube I’ll read whatever is around.  Or listen to my ipod.

Finish these sentences

The best things about the UK are … the number of good bands that come through, I’m now officially a gig slut!

The best thing to come out of England is … Australia!

The next prime minister of England should beSacha Baron Cohen. He’s a smart guy and I’m sure would make things a little more interesting.

Boris Johnson is … the oddest human I have ever seen!  I mean really… how did he become an elected official?

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