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Expat Sat: Trish from Australia

September 12, 2009


When did you move to UK and why?
April 2009, to try and get a decent job, and to stop my English partner going on and on all the time about it being too hot in Melbourne and wanting to go home.

What was your first weird experience?

Attempting to buy a train ticket to London. They make the ticketing system totally incomprehensible so that they can overcharge you whilst pretending to offer cheap fares.

What do you miss the most about home?
My sister and her family – I used to see them all the time, and now I can only see them on Skype. Drinkable tap water and decent cafes. Warmth!

You’re big on music? How does it compare?
The music scene here is amazing, especially in London. 1000% more interesting, varied and exciting than Australia. But even in small country towns and villages you find excellent choirs, bands, orchestras, folk groups, etc.

What are some differences in the cultural experience?
The biggest difference I notice is how much more backward-looking England is; the past is very present here, both physically and psychologically. I think it makes it harder to change anything, even when it’s obviously hopelessly inefficient (like the postal system).
And what is the obsession with B-grade celebrities, property shows on TV, insurance, packaged food?

Who are your fave English bands/ writers?

I read the Guardian. a lot, and enjoy their regular columnists like Polly Toynbee.

Which B grade British celebrity do you love to hate?

Jordan and Kerry Katona. I am in awe of the ability of such moronic, talentless narcissists to make a living.

What do you read on the tube?

Who can read while being flung about in a high-speed, overheated, underground sardine can, crammed up against other people’s armpits?! If I can manage it, Metro.

Finish these sentences
The best things about the UK are … eccentric country pubs.
The best thing to come out of England is … BBC Radio 4 comedies.
The next prime minister of England should be Germaine Greer!
Boris Johnson is ... not to be taken seriously in any way.

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