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Hen & Stag Nights

September 22, 2009

Sorry Martin but Hens and Stag Nights are way over the top in England.

Before I rant, apologies to all our readers for not posting for a while. We have been so busy gallivanting around Europe (Venice and Worcester). As a smoother segue I am proud to inform the world that Emma and I are engaged. The wedding won’t happen in England. Not because it is too weird, but because 90% of our friends and family are in Australia.

The engagement got me thinking about the strange phenomenon that takes place on Friday or Saturday nights in England. It is quite common to see throngs of Stags and Hens running riot throughout town.

Coordinated dress is very common. From pink sashes and personalised t-shirts to funny ties or hats – the British kids enjoy sending off their mates in fashion.

Although we have seen hoards of them in Brighton and London, the funniest was in Scotland on a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow. A group of twenty something mates including a groom-to-be and his dad, were drinking and singing songs. A Borat swimsuit suddenly appeared and the crowd (including the Stags but excluding the general public) cheered for the man of the hour to put it on. After much deliberation and Fosters the guy changed in the foul train toilets and put on a bit of a show.


He did end up taking his boxers off. My hands covered my eyes and in the process I dropped the camera.

Valuable lesson: 11pm train to Glasgow, consider a First Class ticket.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 25, 2009 3:02 am

    Obviously – all this lies in wait for you! Make sure it happens in London before you come home.

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