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Going bonkers for conkers

September 24, 2009

Having a Ten Pound Pom for a Dad has certain affects on an Aussie child. For example, thinking treacle on toast is a tasty treat and that jam on bread is even better. Also pronouncing plant and dance to rhyme with Aunt (like pl-aunt) which opens up a kid to being teased at school. No wonder my accent is so ocker now.

It also meant that Dad would go away once a year to England to see my Nanna and Grandpa. While he was gone, I would wait anxiously, desperate for his return, wringing my hands in anticipation of … what presents he would bring back. Yep, when Dad went to London my brothers, sisters and I got gifts for no reason other than he had been overseas. Score!

Usually we got rock candy. I would eat mine so fast that I would then scheme ways to eat my baby brother’s. We got toy Beefeaters or London buses and one time I was bought a golden hair band. But the most memorable present my Dad brought back from good old London Town was conkers.

Conkers is a game played between two kids with horse chestnuts. Each kid drills a hole and ties a piece of string around their conker. Players then take turns in whacking their opponent’s conker until one breaks. You can view a video of it here.

So Dad, my siblings and I would all go out to the garden, choose our conker and proceed to bash the crap out of each other’s nuts. Good old fashioned family fun.

I can’t think of anything in Australia which comes remotely close to a conker. Maybe marbles? But try tying a piece of string to a marble and smashing your opponent’s. Not quite the same is it?

It’s been years and years since I have played a game of conkers and I was only just reminded of it when I reached for the Metro and saw that yes it was Autumn and with Autumn comes conkers.

So I’d be keen to have a game if anyone is up for it. Although apparently, conkers is going out of fashion. Thank goodness some people, such as Top Gear, have found ways to modernise it.

Caravan conkers anyone?

For more reading on conkers try Woodlands Junior School’s website.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 15, 2014 11:56 am

    maybe honkey nuts could be used

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