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Derren Brown

October 19, 2009

Sorry Martin but Britain is obsessed with Derren Brown. For those out of the loop, Derren is a British magician, illusionist and a mentalist. He recently successfully ‘predicted’ the national lottery which can be seen here:

As you can see he didn’t ‘predict’ anything, he merely recited the numbers after they were drawn. The trick is how he got the numbers on the balls. One punter filmed his theory which I think is spot on:

I thought it was a fantastic trick but what frustrated me to no end was the explanation which was dragged out in a one hour special a few nights after the lottery ‘prediction’. To summarise, Derren apparently predicted the numbers by asking a group of 24 people to guess them. Once he had their answers Brown said he added up the numbers for each ball and divided them by 24. A BBC article outlines this much better than me. He uses the term ‘Deep Maths’ to describe this ridiculous process.

I was very disappointed  to see Derren pass a trick off as fact. Despite ending his explanation with ‘and it was all just a trick’, many people might have believed his explanation as fact, science or ‘deep’ mathematics. I respect that magicians aren’t meant to reveal their secrets but if they do decide to give an insight into their art, they should follow through and tell the truth.

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