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Expat Sat: Kath from New Zealand

October 24, 2009

back of Kath's head

When did you move to the UK and why?

In 2003, because I wanted to see the world. I’d spent some time in Italy on a student exchange when I was 16 and wanted to resume my travels ever since. New Zealand is so removed from everything and I wanted to be where things were happening. London seemed like the natural choice for that!

What was your first weird experience?

A nice young workman, complete stranger, falling asleep on my shoulder on the train. Poor guy must have been knackered!

What do you miss the most about home?

My friends and family – being a part of their lives. I’ve missed far too many of their triumphs and tragedies while over here.

Who are your fave English bands/ writers?

I think Damon Albarn is a proper genius, someone we’ll look back on as one of the best songwriters of his time. And I love that he’s still pure Essex!

Which B grade British celebrity do you love to hate?

Katie Price – that should read “hate to love” actually – sometimes I find myself admiring her spirit and then feeling a bit sheepish.

What do you read on the tube?

A good book – so many good books! And so cheap! For the price of two trashy mags you can get a copy of the latest Booker Prize winner.

Finish these sentences

The best things about the UK are … the English people with their wonderful self-deprecating humour.

The best thing to come out of England is … the arts: film, telly, plays, music, galleries, books – so much good stuff!

The next prime minister of England should be … I honestly have no idea! The current contenders are rather uninspiring. Can we have Obama please? Or maybe Damon Albarn?

Boris Johnson is … a bit of a wally.

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