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December 22, 2009

When traveling to strange and foreign lands, it’s fun to discover new fauna and flora. Last Saturday I saw mistletoe for the first time and I also ate pheasant. Very English indeed.

I wrote a post about squirrels but the other animal I have been introduced to is the deer.

But I’m pretty stupid when it comes to deer. I know that they pull Santa’s sleigh and I saw Bambi about twenty years ago but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I was on my lunch break in Covent Garden and saw two reindeer. I was mesmerised. They were so cute. But I didn’t even know if the antlers are real. At first I looked at this deer head and tried to see where the stitching could be, or if they had given it some sort of headband with antlers glued on. But no, the deer’s head looked like two wooden sticks were growing out of it’s skin/fur. Which if you think about it too closely is actually kinda gross.

My other impression of a deer was at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. This Christmas spectacle is like England has taken the German Weichnachtsmarkt, pulled down its pants and done a massive fart on it. It’s bordering on vulgar. And I found this deer to be a poncy moron.

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