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Faces of 2009

December 30, 2009

In the spirit of The Guardian’s ‘Faces of 2009′ (a blog that focuses on people who made the headlines, in the arts, news and sport throughout the year), I thought I would take you through a few of our favourite faces (who are new from the perspective of an Australian couple).

Boris Johnson – A regular on our Expat Sats posts, we had the pleasure of attending a local Q and A with Boris and his crew at the Brixton Academy. He came across as frank, passionate and a fan of ‘dad jokes’. As London’s Mayor he frequently makes the headlines. My favourite was when he was the ‘knight on a shining bicycle’ after he intervened in the mugging of a documentary filmmaker Franny Armstrong. Good way to get votes but Franny stands by her preference Ken Livingstone. What else does a guy have to do?

Peter Andre – Em wrote about the British media’s obsession with Pete here. This year he broke up from his pin-up wife Jordan/Katie Price. From their TV show they come across as been very stupid but completely made for each other. I can’t imagine what differences they may have, nor do I care.

Cheryl Cole – she certainly doesn’t have to fight for my love. It is there in spades. Cheryl has the best regional accent in town. There is some debate as to if she has any talent but on charm alone, she gets into our top five faces of 2009. Great music video here (try and ignore the eye make up).

Florence + The Machine – A great new London act that produces a pretty catchy and unique sound (‘soul inspired indy rock’ says Wikipedia). New album to be recorded in Jan 2010.  Definitely on my ‘To See Live’ list

Simon Cowell – This year he revealed that he has “dark moods and miserable thoughts”. For that alone he makes my list. Cowell basically owns ITV – a faltering British TV network whose rare hits are the ones he is involved in. Despite originally criticising the Facebook push for Rage Against The Machine to get the prestigious Christmas No. 1 single, he has since offered jobs to the campaign creators. An X Factor/The Big Questions hybrid show is in the works for next year’s election. Looking forward to Gordon Brown’s cover of The Final Countdown.

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