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Sorry Mum, Australia is Weird (Part 2)

January 5, 2010


Man, do these things have a bad case of favouritism. I mean you think they’d just be hungry and eat whatever came their way. But no, they are totally selective. If I’m with Pete, he’s the meal for that evening and if I’m with my sister then I’m the flavour of choice. And on top of all this, everyone’s reaction differs. It’s not like a shark where the outcome would be the same if it bit me or Pete. With mozzies some people have big itchy reactions and some have small bites that don’t itch. There are even a few lucky bastards who don’t react at all.


Here’s a fun filled fact. On average, Sydney has a higher rainfall than London.  There’s nothing quite like a Sydney rainstorm. But the two places share a similarity: you don’t really need an umbrella. My brother, his girlfriend and I got caught out in a huge storm last week. It was so heavy there was no point bothering with an umbrella because either way you were going to be drenched. And in London there’s no point bothering with an umbrella because the rain is so light that either way you won’t get drenched.

Public Transport

Or should I say, the lack of public transport. I mean, come on. It absolutely stinks! I know I have complained about the tube here and here but I’ve come to realise that having a painful public transport system is better than a non existent one. I used to boast to Londoners about how great it is that I could afford cabs in Sydney and spend the equivalent of 10 pounds to get home after a night of drinking, but the rest of the time it feels like money down the gurgler. No, it cant be! Don’t tell me I’m missing the tube. Weird!!!

Slip, Slop and Slap

What is up with the dancing penguin with the grating voice? Slip, slop is an ad campaign to make Australians take better care of themselves in the sun. In the past thirty years these ads have rarely changed. See the most current below (2009) and compare with the other links I’ve put underneath.

To see the 1980s version click here and for the 2001 version click here.

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