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Sorry Mum, Australia is Weird (Part 3)

January 20, 2010
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A wombat


Possibly the  most underrated Australian animal. There are foreigners who know the koala and kangaroo but not the wombat. When asked to explain it all I can come up with is a hairy box.


To the surprise of most people, Aussies can live with some fairly strict rules. We’re not allowed fireworks, our voting is compulsory and now we’re censoring the internet. Learning to drive is no different. And it’s freaking expensive. We have to do so many tests to get a full license. I recently completed the Hazard test; a simulated touch screen and when I touched the screen it wouldn’t go or went in the wrong spot. Also it cost me $37 to do it. Why? All I’m doing is touching a computer screen for fifteen minutes, how would this cost someone $37? If you fail this (which is more than easy to do) then you can indulge in some retail therapy and get a rugby league number plate. If you pass you can dish out $75 (on top of the $37 it took to do the test) to get your green P plates. Whatever!

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