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Two Team Football Scarves

March 4, 2010

Sorry Martin but having two teams on the one scarf is weird. When I went to Craven Cottage to see Fulham take on Shakhtar I thought Fulham’s away colours had changed from red and black to flouro orange. To my dismay, I later discovered that the fluoro orange was actually a Shakhtar colour.

I realise football clubs are milking big games by selling these scarves but surely it’s a little desperate. Why would a supporter wear a scarf with opposition colours on it?

It’s here that some undercover reporter (in Australia they would be from A Current Affair, in England they would be from The Sun) looks through my closet and reveals that I proudly own a t-shirt from the 2005 AFL Grand Final where Sydney won the greatest game of Aussie Rules football ever played by four points. The shirt, however, is navy (a club neutral colour)  so when I wear it I don’t think I’m supporting West Coast.

Two team scarves have to go. Don’t buy them. Frame your ticket or buy a single club scarf instead.

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  1. Neil permalink
    May 12, 2010 3:22 pm

    When clubs like Fulham face European opposition it is a massive occasion for them. Buying these scalves will always be a reminder of when your team played games like that.

    I support Everton FC and if we ever play a team like barcalona, i am deffinatly buying one of those scalves. to remind me of when we played teams of that class and stature.

    The boy in that picture now can say he was there when Fulam played Shaktah. He can show his children or even grandchild in the future when hes telling them the history of their club!

    • May 12, 2010 3:37 pm

      Thanks Neil. If I was at Fulham v Atletico Madrid tonight then I would definitely buy one.

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